JANUARY 24: Fiona Zedde (1976-)

Fiona Zedde
Fiona Zedde -
Need some popular contemporary lesbian erotica for those freezing winter nights? We got you. Today: Fiona Zedde.

Fiona Zedde is the penname of Fiona Lewis, a Jamaican writer of lesbian fiction. Born in 1976 in Jamaica, she moved to Florida with her mother when she was young. After college, she lived in Atlanta, GA, got an MFA from San Diego State University, and is currently living in Miami. She’s also a breast cancer survivor.

Her first novel, Bliss, published in 2005, and her third, Every Dark Desire, were both finalists for the Lambda Literary Award. She’s a prolific writer, with numerous novels, novellas, and short story collections under her belt, all about lesbian life, and covering different genres – mainstream literary, romance, erotica, even a vampire story. Her short fiction has also appeared in various lesbian erotica anthologies. And don’t worry about reading yet another piece of lesbian pulp fiction centered on the usual white lesbian: Fiona Zedde puts front and center black and brown women. In an interview, to the question of whether there are “underrepresented groups or ideas featured in Desire at Dawn” (her vampire romance novel), she answered:

I like to think so. Growing up, I loved vampire stories. But it was extremely rare to see myself and my culture represented in them. After I read Jewelle Gomez’s The Gilda Stories, though, I re-realized that it’s up to us to add our own tales and our own legends— vampires included— to what’s already out there. My characters in Desire at Dawn (and its connected novel, Every Dark Desire) are my contributions to that cultural collection.

Her writing, centered on the lives and relationships of women loving women, has been called “torrid,” and “exquisitely written,” among many other laudatory epithets. If you need to whet your appetite (ha), you can read first chapters of her books right here.

If you want to listen to her talk more about her books, then you can follow her on Twitter, and listen to an interview on Lez TAlk Radio right here. Here she is too in an interview in Birmingham (UK) – don’t forget parts two and three of the reading.



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