Sandi Toksvig flooded with support after expressing ‘rage’ at ‘anti-trans’ people

Sandi Toksvig during her visit to The Cambridge Union in 2023 (Photo: Nordin Catic/Getty Images For The Cambridge Union)

 Sandi Toksvig has prompted an outpouring of support for expressing her anger at anti-trans people in politics and the media.

The former Great British Bake Offpresenter said: “I am so distressed by people who call themselves ‘radical feminists’ but are anti-trans. I could weep. I don’t get it. It’s beyond me.

“When the feminist movement started in the 60s and 70s, lesbians were often excluded, because we were told that we would make the movement less palatable. I have been excluded myself, so how could I do that to someone else? It fills me with rage.”

Toksvig was speaking in an interview with The i newspaper to promote an upcoming performance with the London Gay Men’s Chorus.

A vocal LGBT+ rights campaigner for decades, Toksvig was one of Britain’s most visible lesbian women when she came out publicly in 1994.

She also founded the Women’s Equality Party in 2015 and is working on a campaign to remove unelected Church of England bishops from the House of Lords because of its opposition to same-sex marriage.

She said: “It’s shocking. They don’t deal with gay people or women in an equitable manner. And they aren’t some sort of obscure organisation – this is our state church.

“None of them have been elected. This is our parliament and it’s not OK. Be a bigot if you want to, in your own back yard – but don’t come and play in mine.”

Responding to Toksvig’s comments on social media, people immediately jumped to the TV stalwart’s side.

Broadcaster India Willoughby wrote: “Now here’s a classy lady. Graham Linehan [the screenwriter and prominent anti-trans campaigner] will be along shortly to tell Sandi she’s not a real feminist.”

Another person said: “Sandi had such an impact on me when I was growing up and watching number 73 [a 1980s British TV show].

“I'd never seen another woman like her and being a non conforming teenage lesbian who didn't understand herself or her sexuality, Sandi was pivotal in helping me figure it all out.”

And a third added: “She’s fabulous isn’t she.”

As for Toksvig, she promised to go on campaigning.

She said: “I’ve been an activist all of my life. It’s a core part of who I am. We’re here, we’re making noise – and we’re not going away.”



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