Tampon for Transgender Men Sparks Conservative Backlash

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 A campaign to raise awareness of trans men's issues in Finland has gone viral on social media, where it sparked a backlash from conservative users who questioned the inclusivity apparently embraced by the health industry.

Earlier this month, Finnish brand Vuokkoset launched the world's first tampon for men. It is an attempt to meet the needs of trans men and non-binary individuals who might be experiencing having a period. In the case of trans men, some might have their periods while undergoing hormone replacement therapy, while others might decide not to undertake this kind of treatment.

On its website, the brand said it created the product—released during international trans awareness week—to highlight the way our hygiene products are gendered. Vuokkoset added that it wants to help a 93 percent majority of trans men who, according to studies, have experienced menstrual-related gender dysphoria because of their periods. Newsweek contacted Vuokkoset for comment by email on Friday.

"Periods should be dealt with more widely and it should be understood that periods or a lack thereof do not determine who is a woman and who isn't," Vuokkoset wrote on its website. "Women who have gone through the menopause do not have periods, and hormonal contraception can also stop periods. Some women have had a hysterectomy due to illness, and trans women have never had a womb at all."

Vuokkoset added: "By changing attitudes and broadening perspectives, we can also stamp out discrimination against gender minorities. The least anyone can do is to understand that periods do not define womanhood and understand the diversity behind them."



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